Sunday, April 8, 2007


I went to the mall to buy my best friend a birthday present. It was the day after her birthday, so I thought that I had procrastinated long enough. I had to be at work by twelve, and then I had to go right to my other job. I would not have time to go get her present later. Since I was already at the mall, I figured I would pick up lunch for my co-worker and myself. I got his pizza, and then I went to Subway. My total came out to 6.21. I handed the man at the register a twenty, and I told him that I had a penny. Well, right as I was saying that, he hit enter. So all of my change came out of that cool machine, that a lot of stores have now, and the man took it. I still had my penny in my hand. He looked at the change and then at the drawer. He was trying to figure out what he should give me since I told him that I had a penny. I told him to take my penny and give me a nickel. He didn't comprehend how that was possible. To stop his suffering, I told him that it was fine and to just give me all of the change. He said that he was sorry. I took the change and went to work. That incident only helped me believe that I am in the right when I will not let my students use calculators.

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Katie said...

Yes calculators can be the enemy. I like how most of your blog is based on your everyday life, and this makes your conclusions on calculators more convincing. I understand the coin machine because I work at Walgreens and people are always asking me if I got the machine because I can't count change. Of course I can count change, but I'd rather have the customers scoot out of the store faster when their change comes out of the machine rather than wait around for my slippery fingers to pick it up and hand it to them.